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 Post subject: The budget LSX thread
PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:35 pm 

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Hey all.
I've had my 78 sitting for a couple years, and finally getting a list put together for my build. Ive read alot of threads on this site, here and there there seems to be scattered information regarding getting an ls motor in.

I'm replacing the motor in my suburban with one with lower miles, and Ill be using the 5.3 from it into my luv :) So happy, Ive been waiting to get started.


What I'd like to be able to do is first off get the drivetrain put in.
Im sure ill be fiddling with that for a while already, im not sure which rearend/driveshaft combo ill be using, i dont want my tires poking out in the rear, and I already dont like the idea of having 5 lug in the rear and 6 lug up front. And the idea of buying rims twice... i may wind up getting cheaper rims and uaing the extra money to get a 52" 9" my friends had put in. I've seen a few threads here and there regarding drilling/plugging the front to get a 5 lug, thats appealing then at least I can get a set of matching rims the first time and not spend money twice on fronts.

Ive already driven the truck before the stock motor took a dump and really it handkes good.out of the box. Im hoping i can leave the stock suspension up front, at least for now, maybe forever. I dont have money to put into the whole truck just to make it a fun lil daily driver.

So, i guess my questions are:

1. Are there bolt on headers that will clear everything up front to where I can leave the suspension stock?
2. Ive seen a bit of back and forth about which MM kits is better, the hooker kit or the ACE kit, Im leaning towards ACE, I read a few places that the fitment is better.
3. Which oil pan can i use (preferably stock) to where I dont have to modify the front cross member?
4. I know that the truck intake / package is taller than the car setup, is it too tall? Id rather leave it high for a while than set it too low, as long as the motor is set in the right height.
5. Drive by wire, I have no clue if there is even a way to get the pedal mounted without being too janky. Should I avoid DBW at all cost? Or do you think i could get by with it for a while and change it later?

Basically, im already gonna be out of pocket to get this on the road. I want to get it on the road cheaply without making any bonehead mistakes, i can upgrade later as I go.

Im looking for bolt on options to start, but Im wiling to have some stuff fabricated if need be, one thing may be to get custom motor mounts not sure if any motor mount options will actually get the motor set in properly, and possibly, get motor mounts fabbed will allow me to save money on headers.

Also, i wonder if the stock exhaust manifolds will fit.

I know thats alot of questions, i really appreciate any help guys, im just about ready to start and getting my list/plan put together.

Maybe this is one of those, just start and see type of projects, but buying a motor/tranny just to find out the truck will sit even longer till I get a frontend is a problem Im trying to solve up front.

Its a beautiful truck by the way, everything is super clean all around. I got it off the frame a few years ago and cleaned it up/sprayed it.

Parts List:
Powerbyace headers and MM, possibly oil pickup tube depending on oil pan required. ... onents.htm

Rotor drilling.

Delete drive by wire + tuning /nitrous options for the future. ... assembled/

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:42 pm 
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The ebay seller that redrills the front rotors for 5 lug is a member here. It will be 5 on 4.5 pattern, so a 9 inch with stock small ford pattern would match. If you are going to have to get a harness for the engine transplant (I assume you are keeping the harness in the suburban,) I would convert to cable throttle, and the truck intake is a tall one. doubt it will clear a stock hood. Power by ace sells mounts, and I believe headers for the LS swap. I haven't used them, but I do have their standard sbc swap stuff, and it is pretty nice. The truck exhaust manifolds won't clear from the looks of them. ( I did a 6.0 swap in my 67 chevelle, and I gave them the once over, for future install purposes)...

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:12 pm 

Joined: Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:01 pm
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Awesome, thanks. I hadnt realized he sold the headers as well. I updated my parts list in the original post. Thanks man.

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