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PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:19 pm 

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So my brother and I just went 50/50 on a 78 2wd Luv, it has the 1.8 and is completely stock with clean title for $550! Were both hardcore 4x4 enthusiasts but were going to keep this stock for as long as we possibly can beings these are great little trucks to modify into great wheelers or sleepers. We have a 76 Luv that's just a parts truck all its missing is the bed, engine tranny and some interior pieces. We originally bought this because it needed the clutch pedal but not until after we have realised it went from hydro to cable between the years. So the question is as follows the wiring harness appears to have been burnt up before several connectors in the bay have melted plastic and burn marks thought the whole harness, we ideally would like to remove all the wiring and put a new one in. Is there a place that sells aftermarket cut down harnesses? or are we better off pulling it out and rewiring it all ourselves? I know its a pretty simple system on these older trucks but i rather not have the headache it could easily become. Also somebody butchered that harness under the dash pretty bad, they had it on a temporary toggle switch just to get it started. we switched it back to the ignition and when we turn it all the way over it the starter keeps cranking even though it has already been started. Is there a bad resistor to turn it off? or what's going on with it? Thank you for any suggestions and i will post pics of both the rigs this afternoon!

Located in Spokane, Washington 8)

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:23 am 
da LUV masta

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Hello NEWBIE and welcome, :P :signwelcome

I have some experience in replacing a wiring harness i done mine a 77 Luv and its pretty straight forward & easy, as most the wires are in 1 bundle w/ the fuse block except some smaller harness which branch off..since your harness is already compromised I would take that route i believe 78 started the shorter fuse block as 77 still has the long one so 78 to i'm not sure 80 maybe 81 NOT SURE but definitely after 77..

I see your up in Washington and I just checked on line in Pick n Pull. a 78 Luv is at the Lynnwood, WA 98037 yard (check http://www.picknpull. com ) it was put in the yard on Jul 10, 2015. & w/ any luck you'll find your wires harness there
the next closes luv in a PnP has a 79 but is in Oregon..

There's 5 PnP's in Washington so if not check other yards Craigslist or even ask in this site & fb luv groups and keep checking back to the site as once in a yard its a mad dash to see who get there first

as far as you malfunction in starting ..I'd start w/ the harness maybe its a short and will be taken care of w/ replacing it.

Good Luck w/ your repairs...Peace

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